Educational eco agritourism program

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One day program:
12:00 till 19:00

A trip starts around the garden and orchard where children will learn about how „food grows”. They can pick, pluck qnd try almost every fruit and vegetable known from the greengrocer. Depending on the age and interest, I present various interesting facts about the life of plants and old metod of harvest.

A trip around the yard in the henhouse. Children take eggs from the hen, stroke them, feed them – this is the greatest attraction.

Feeding rabbits, it’s a lot of fun

Cognitive trip around the greenhouse. I tell you what the greenhouse is for, and children will get to know the greenhouse effect.

In a large gazebo with a kitchen bee workshops are held. Children learn about: the tools of the beekeeper, beehouse design and rules that run their life. Kids make a bee frame or a beeswax candle from scratch.

Tractor ride for boys and girls.

Fun and learning to weigh with old type scales.

Where is the bread from? – Getting to know grains and the simplified way of making flour.

Summer, country-style Polish dinner in the gazebo made of our products, e.g. cold soup with egg, fried eggs, potatoes with dill, sour milk, etc.
Starters: Depending what is available in the garden for example: sweet corn, baked apples, sparagus beens etc.Desserts: waffles or cake or ice cream. Drinks: compotes made of our fruist, tea, coffee, etc.

Aspects of organic and conventional farming, as well as problems and solutions related to food – these are valuable topics for children over 12 years of age and adults.

After the attractions you can still stay and make a barbecue yourself. Play badminton on a large clearing by the gazebo. We also have yoga mats, hammocks.

Other attractions:
there is a lake nearby and a little further you can rent pedal boats.
Sometimes we bring a piano to the gazebo where my wife (violinist and pianist of the Academy of Music) plays a mini concert, and the children also have a chance to learn something.
We are situated among forests and woods, away from roads, outside the village.
You can buy organic vegetables and fruit straight from the field. Also: honey, preserves, eggs.
Soon we will have a bread oven from which we will serve pizzas and children will be able to make flour, dough and bake their own bread.

Tour starts at 12:00 and finish in the evening around 19:00 in autumn time tour starts at 10:30 and finish around 17:30
House for rent is also available (two double beds).
We speak english

Feel invited 🙂